Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fit Bodies for Better Beef

You read it right - Fit bodies get better beef! 

There is more to it than that, I think that being fit and physically aware makes you more in tune to people around you. Maybe that's just me, but I do think it's true.

I have seen so many people change after losing weight, adding lean mass, beginning to eat healthy. They feel better about themselves and when you feel good about yourself, you treat others better too.

Think about it. When you are sick, or tired you just want to be left alone. You don't want to talk to any one, see anyone, interact with anyone.

When you feel good, ALIVE, you walk around smiling, you exude spirit, you become part of the human race, and believe me the race is a fun one!

My life as a competitor has allowed me to meet so many interesting people and experience situations that I never would have before. Even grocery shopping becomes a great, fun adventure.

Fridays I get off work at 11:30 and drive straight out to train with Roy, then I always go grocery shopping and try to make something good for the guys. Usually I get all my food at Whole Foods (I do also shop at the Farmers Market on the weekend and receive a CSA delivery on Tuesdays), but David likes a certain baguette, and they only sell it at Lunardi's. So, after Whole Foods I headed out to get his baguette and a couple other things they didn't have at Whole Foods.

I was standing at the butcher counter and a female butcher came over to help me. I asked if they had turkey tenderloins and she shouted over her shoulder to another butcher and then told me they do. I walked over with her and said I probably didn't see them because the "ladies who lunch" were busy socializing in front of the poultry and even though I made myself into a contortionist, I couldn't see around them. 

We started talking about the turkey and she asked if it was for me, I responded positively and explained the diet, 7 more weeks till I could have a huge slab of prime rib or something tasty like I would be getting the boys. 

She was interested and started asking me all about what I do, she never heard of Figure and wanted to know all about it because she lifted and wanted to do something more with it. I then saw three butchers standing behind her, cutting meat and eavesdropping on us.

"What do you wear?" she asked and I explained the rhinestone bikini and heels, then one of the butchers came up and said it was Bodybuilding. "No, it is not the same." and I explained the difference.

"Show us your guns!" shouted one of the butchers. I put my purse in my cart, started to take of my jacket and said "Hell yeah, I'll show you my guns!" and I stripped down to my spaghetti strap tank over my gym clothes. I flexed my bicep.

"Let's see a lat spread!" Now there were the three male butchers and the one female all lined up a the counter. I stepped out away from the counter, turned around, spread my back and I hear "Damn look at that back! Look at those shoulders!"

I loved it, we all started laughing and talking at once. Then the female butcher took her jacket off and flexed her biceps, huge! I told her I was really, really impressed. She was smiling like there was no tomorrow. After we discussed it all for quite some time the guys stepped away and it was just the two women, she wanted to know how she could get started, I told her it was never too late, I started when I was 47. "When was that? Last month?!" one of the guys shouted. 

I told her I needed some Prime Rib steaks for my men, she walked over and said "I will get the best ones for them, the ones I would take home! They deserve it!"

I thanked her and said I would be back to check to her progress, and to buy more beef for the guys!

Do you have this much fun grocery shopping? If not, I suggest weight training, it will do you wonders!