Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 7 to Competition (week 3 of diet)

It's all coming together! I have been on my diet for three weeks now and I am losing the fat at a good rate, keeping my skin tight and I have a lot of energy. I am, unfortunately, hungry all the time though! I am at 124 now, and am aiming for 120 pounds, but only time will tell. I won't know where I really need to be until I get there!

Quads look good don't they? Shoulders are starting to be rounder, the chest looks good too! It's funny, I personally think I look at my very, very best at 123 pounds, only 1 pound away from this! At 123 pounds I still look full but lean.

I love my back, when I was training with Roy the other day he remarked that my back was already widening and looking bigger, and I only started training it one extra day a week, three weeks ago! The body part that needs the most "tuning" is the glutes - but that is just one big fatty area for all of us, most women tend to hold fat in the butt and thigh area, and I do too, thank goodness I have no cellulite! My glutes are fine and as soon as I shed the extra pounds, the glutes will tighten right up and sit high as usual. I have been blessed with a great butt.

The lower belly is still there, but as I said, it's the last to go and also why I need to drop down so low in bodyfat. You can see the sculpted look starting though, all along the sides of the obliques.

Medial delts are looking better too, Roy has me doing something to engage my T-1 muscle which, in turn should help my entire back, allowing me to engage the delts more instead of the traps. He says I am T-3 dominant, and that is why I get huge traps and don't even try. Shrugs? Never do them and never will! My traps grow just walking into the gym (makes every male on earth seriously jealous)

A few people have asked me to post about the diet, and I have started to write a post, but I like to include pictures and the problem is, I get so hungry and start eating only to realize half way through, that I need to take a picture! Then it's too late.

The stomach is looking flatter, and I still have another 7 weeks! Today at my son's lacrosse game another parent and friend came up and said "well, how much longer?" "7 weeks!" I said. "What?! 7 weeks still?! Sheesh, that's forever!"....and I am the one on the diet! Too funny, she wants to go out eating and drinking, I told her we will for the Memorial Day Weekend long tournament, I am organizing the team again.