Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 6 to Competition (week 4 of diet)

Not many changes this week, and that makes me a bit nervous as I am usually super ripped at 6 weeks. But the thing is, I gained muscle, I know I did, and I don't want to get as lean as I did in October. So this means that I certainly don't want to drop down to 118 pounds and less than 3% bodyfat like I did before, so I really don't have much left to lose do I?

I won 1st place in Masters 50+ and 3rd place in my height class (all ages), but if that is what it takes to win, I don't want to do it. I don't want to look emaciated and painfully lean, I want to look full and strong, and feel good.

So my thought process is this: If I am usually ripped at 6 weeks and I get too lean (in my opinion), then it's probably a good thing I am not so ripped yet. I think I want to look ripped and ready at say...4 weeks maybe. Otherwise, I just lose it too fast after that and cannot stop the loss.

My diet this time around has a lot more fats in it, the idea is that although I am on a very reduced calorie diet, the fats will stop me from losing my muscle, and I think it's working, I still look full and muscular, which is the whole point. 

The waist is still coming in and the quads look better each day! (Thanks to Roy, he is a stubborn guy!)

Back is looking good, and the glutes now are starting to develop a more cut look, not so soft on the outer part. the lower tie in (meets the hamstring) will need to tighten up, but that comes with more dieting. It's always the bane of women....

Delts are looking nice and round, and the stomach is flattening out. 

The roundness of the side of the glutes still shows, this is a good thing!

Skin looks tight, but I still need to  lose fat in the abdominal area so the abs show more clearly. Right now they are just kinda smooth and there, although nice looking, not suitable for a competition. 

I appear to be holding my shoulders straighter now, so I am pleased with that. The posing is always the most difficult part, no matter how many times you have done it, it always requires practice!