Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One Week Of Dieting (changes)

I just hopped off the treadmill, it's 7:30 on Tuesday night and I am noticing that the fat seems to be quickly melting away.

I walked out in the kitchen and there were three men, Cooper, Alec and David all enjoying a HUGE bowl of linguine Carbonara. David asked if I wanted a piece of pancetta....Yes I do but really I cannot. My last meal was a salad with shrimp at 4:00 and I wouldn't get to eat again until 8:00.  Not too much later I would hit the sack, 4 am comes early.

Then I thought I would show you a comparison between this week and last!

Sometimes it is necessary to see pictures side by side to really notice a difference. Here I am day 1 of my diet (on the left) and then on day 7 (on the right). While you may not have noticed a difference with the other pictures, I think you can easily see it here.

Stomach has come in, upper abs show more, definition in quads shows more, chest is clearly cut, face is leaner. I do look a bit "flat", not as full in the day 7 pictures, but I am not eating starches after 10:00 am everyday, so I fill out early, then slowly deflate. It's a temporary condition, only for the diet.

The back actually shows definition all over compared to day 1, I notice especially the spinal erectors (my favorite part of the back). The glute ham tie in is smoother and tighter.

If I can do this in a week, imagine what I can do in 9 more!

Imagine what you could do if you tried too!