Thursday, March 1, 2012


We are all inspired by many different things, and what inspires me is seeing beautiful bodies. When I see others I know that I can improve and only get better.

Makes no difference whether the bodies are men or women, they both have their individual beauty.

We can all have beautiful bodies, but we need to make efforts to do so. Seeing other bodies that I find attractive helps to motivate me to be the best I can be.

Something I find interesting is that so many women feel the need to surgically alter their body, to turn it into something that it was not designed to be. I don't particularly care for the "barbie doll" look, yet so many women strive for that, I just don't get it. And don't get me started in on the "duck lips" I am seeing more and more of!

I love an athletic look, on both men and women, more of an androgynous look I suppose.

Who's inspiring me right now? Tim Howard. Makes me want to learn to play soccer- maybe I could play with him!

I have never liked the Bodybuilder look, and I never will. I know that sounds odd as people think that's my thing, but it's not. Take a look at this body, I would say perfection in every way (at least what I can see of it), I can't see the back!

Tim doesn't achieve this look with Bodybuilding, he is an Athlete. That should help steer you in the right direction, you need to train for the look you want.

So.....standing on a stairmill all day long will make you....skinny like a cardio queen. I cannot recommend this form of exercise (exclusively cardio) for anyone on earth, anyone. Unless of course you want to be skinny, emaciated, without muscle and sort of an anorexic look (unfortunately there are thousands of people who strive for this look, and all I can say is perhaps a psychologist can help in that department). 

Weight training only will make you look like a Bodybuilder (I won't say Jay Cutler because I am convinced his look is quite a bit more than weight training). You still need to incorporate some kind of "energy system" to burn excess calories and remove the subcutaneous fat. 

Power lifting....big and bulky. Strong, but big..I guess you can eat a lot huh?

You get the idea right?

To achieve an athletic body you need to vary your training with a combination of weights and conditioning. 

Another look...I will be working extra hard this week!