Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Right Stuff

I took my son to join a gym on Friday, he doesn't care to go to mine. He likes to go to The Right Stuff with his friend.

As usual, we had a fun time, I have a lot of fun with my son and I always have a good time in any gym! Cooper asked how long it would take, and I said at least a half hour. He didn't understand why and then he soon found out.

The young woman at the front immediately steered us toward a very good looking buff trainer. He wanted to show us everything. We started out in the cardio area- he said they were getting all new equipment and they would get two stairmills. "You don't have any stairmills?" I asked in disbelief. No they did not. I told him that was about all I used when I did any cardio- I got a high five for that.

He pointed out the locker rooms and said with a smile "there's the women's you can go in if you like, it's dark and damp and smells like stinky socks"....hmm I had to go check it out. Nothing odd and nothing spectacular.

I came out and immediately got another high five and a smile "You compete in Figure?!" Scott said, "Yes" I replied, "I do". Scott went on to explain how he would be competing in Men's Physique in July, and the conversation continued throughout the tour.

Unbeknown to me, when I was in the locker room he had turned to Cooper and said "Your mom's ripped! Does she compete?" "Yeah" Cooper said, "She competes in Figure."

I asked if they had a hack squat "yes, two". I asked if they had a glute ham raise "huh? no". I asked if they had kettlebells "yup", on and on, Cooper was amazed at the ease of our exchange.

At the desk as we decided if he would sign up alone, or if I would also join, Scott looked at me and said "I can always use a workout partner and I think you might be a good one". I laughed, yes it could be fun indeed.

I asked Scott if he has started practicing his posing yet. "No, I don't need to".

"Well", I said, "I beg to differ, but your personality on stage and your posing will make or break you. All the guys up there will be buff and look great, you have to wow them." 

Now, he looked great, let me tell you that! Big wide shoulders, very full strong arms, tiny waist, full quads, beautiful dark skin.

"I have a lot of charisma, I am a stripper on the weekends, I will wow them for sure!" Scott says.

"You are a stripper!?" I asked. I was a little shocked but I am not sure why, the difference between posing and stripping can't really be that big can it?

I laughed, I signed up Cooper (on his own) and told Scott I might be back. And the funniest thing Cooper and I both noticed as we walked out, was his name tag.

Scott Bacon

Coop says "Do you think that's his stage name? Bacon?" I laughed, and on the way home I was humming the tune:

"I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never ever let you forget you're a man......"

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