Saturday, June 25, 2011

German Volume Training and Moby


Friday! I arrived at BodyComp Gym and Roy was there waiting. I asked what the plan was today. I knew it would be legs, quads or hams, but not sure exactly what we would do.

German Volume Training. The best for adding mass, just what I like.

Some stretching and chatting, I told him I would be helping a friend move some stuff afterward, I think it was lumber but not quite sure. He said "hmmm, good luck after this!"

Front squats 60% one rep max, 10 sets of 10 with a 90 second rest period in between.

Sounds fairly easy, only gets harder as you go though. 

I was sweating after the first few sets, my top was getting soaked and I was breathing hard. These are front squats, as low as I can go, ass to ground, knees out in front, slowly descending, concentrating on the "time under tension", then shooting up, thrusting the hips forward.


Roy said I would get a burst of energy near the end, I told him they said the same thing to me during childbirth and that's about when I screamed "give me drugs!" and they said "no, you said you wanted natural child birth". Jerks, how dare they remind me of what I said days and days ago!

I was doing 95 pounds, he said Tuesday I should be able to do 100. OK!

A long nice rest then we went into Good Mornings to hit the abs, lower back and hams.

70 pounds, lower to almost parallel with the ground, keeping the abs pulled in tight, slight curve to the back and then come up, but not all the way, never lose the tension on the weight, coming all the way up to a standing position is simply allowing a rest period, we don't want rest we want as much "time under tension" as possible. 

4 sets of 10, again, I could feel the muscles straining as I slowly lowered the weight, it was pulling on my hamstrings. Widen the stance and go duck foot to hit the lower back a little more.

50 minutes, that's all it took, but those 50 minutes flew by like I just got there, it seemed like 10.

I quickly drank my R4 and took supplements, and off to help Mark move the lumber.


My 1 ton 30 year old Chevy. My son got in it yesterday, hooked a U turn in front of the house and it broke down, right in front of the house but across the street, pretty convenient place to stall huh?

I needed to have AAA tow it to the end of the street, to the Chevron station so Michael could check it out. David said it was way too heavy to push and it is  an automatic so it just needed  a short tow.

The tow truck driver easily pushed it up on the harness, I told him had I known it was that light I could have pushed the darn thing. He looked at me and said "Well from the looks of you I would say, yes, you probably could have".

The driver hooked up Moby, and we drove the 10 houses down to the Chevron station. As he finished backing up, he said "Kristy" and stuck his hand out to shake mine. "It has been a pleasure! My name is Glen, If you can wait while I unhook the truck I can give you a lift home". 

"Thanks Glen, but I think I can use the exercise, I will just walk".

I walked back, it took me all of 2 minutes and I was thinking how difficult this short walk might be tomorrow. I might just be re-enacting the child birth scene "give me drugs!!"  ha ha ha

As a follow up- I wrote this at about 3:30 and later, at about 6:00, I sat at the kitchen table with David and our friend Jay having a glass of wine. The exhaustion just washed over me, a feeling that I don't recall ever having after weight training, at least not in a long time. 

My body felt relaxed, but as though every ounce of energy had been used and there was nothing left in my stores to help me move my arms, my legs, my head. I had refueled with a carb- protein drink (4-1 ratio) and then a full meal, with dinner still to come, so it wasn't that the glycogen stores were empty, it was the sheer volume of the session.

The thought of repeating this with a slightly heavier weight on Tuesday is exciting and daunting at the same time. Exciting because I know I can do it and it is pushing my body to the limit, daunting because I know I can easily stop and tell myself that I have had enough, I cannot possibly continue.

But I remind myself that it only took me 50 minutes, I can't use time as an excuse. 

Tuesday weighs on my mind.

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