Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Yes this is all little 'ol me. I loved the way the sun was shining through the skylight in the kitchen ceiling yesterday, and the sun created this great lighting.

Butts. Glorious butts!

I have written about them so many times, and I had to write again. A friend of mine from the gym sent me an email and she said:

"Not to be weird about it so don’t take this the wrong way (as if you would) but your butt looks amazing!  I have to say I took a good look when you were doing your ham curls and, really, I aspire to have a butt that tight.  Awesome!"

I love being an inspiration to women (and men!) It is important to show that you can look great and feel great an any age. 

I work on my butt a lot. I have really been hitting my quads and hams hard in the last 6 weeks since starting with Roy, and he has taught me some great stuff!

I can see that they are helping the entire glute-hamstring tie in.  You want to make sure the hamstrings have a tight and strong transition right into the glute, ideally they look like one big, smooth, strong muscle. 

No big indents, wrinkles, sags, you know what I am talking about!

I was so stoked by this email that I started this blog, took my picture, then went across the street to the track and ran sprints (walked the rounds, ran the straights) and then ran up and down the bleachers. I love the bleachers here, there are 20 and they are double wide. This means I can really run as opposed to jog up and down them.

Most people just sit on their glutes way to much, they don't exercise them the way they were intended to be. 

I see men doing bench press then they look at how puffed up their chest looks, but then they turn around and they have a flat rear end!

I see women doing cable kickbacks, sure these help a little, but glutes are huge muscles, they need heavy weights. They need explosive exercises.

Oh and those little inney outy machines that you sit on?  (The adductor and abductor), they do nothing. Don't waste your time! Get off your butt and work those glutes they way they were intended!

Oh, and "S", thanks for the great compliment, you made my day! 

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