Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunday with "R"

Ever have one of those days when you put your clothes on inside out? Here I am still smiling with my shirt on inside out! This was actually taken Friday right after I left Roy's, I was so high I didn't notice!

"R" came over on Sunday and as usual, we sat in the backyard and sipped some white wine. Seems like there is a lot of that going on here, but I do have a beautiful backyard and my husband makes wine, so.....

I hadn't seen "R" in quite some time, she no longer trains in the mornings. We met over a year ago, I recall she once told me she watched me come in every morning and I would go onto the treadmill and walk. 

For 5 minutes only. 

She couldn't believe that I looked the way I do and that was it for my cardio so she had to meet me. She talked to me and we have been friends ever since!

Before I met "R" she was heavy - she told me and I have seen pictures. She worked very, very hard to lose all of the weight. When we first became friends she only did cardio, she told me she had done it for years and never saw the results she wanted.

First we started discussing diet and did an overhaul, she ate healthy and only needed a bit of tweaking, I think she was actually not eating enough everyday as I think back.

Then one day, I finally convinced her to get off the cardio "treadmill" and learn to train with weights. She hired a trainer, one who helped her learn technique and various exercises. "R" quickly outgrew this type of training, she was ready for more hardcore stuff.

She then started training with a different trainer, one who taught her how to squat and deadlift and use all the free weights, she trained with him for a very long time and looked better and better everyday.

She still always felt she needed him I think. She didn't quite have the confidence she needed to go on her own, but work forced her - she had to start training on her own due to her schedule change.

"R" took up Crossfit.  We talked quite a bit about it on Sunday, and I saw a glint in her eyes, a passion that I had never seen before. 

It's like she has been re-born, as a sleek, lean and strong woman, who is completely assured of herself and what she is doing.

Now I have never done Crossfit and I really have no desire to, she knows much more about it than I do. But it was so fun to see the way she talked so excitedly about something, and that is the passion that we all should have for our training.

Oh- and she finally ditched the gloves! She held out her hands to proudly show me her callouses.....

"R" has arrived and she might just be teaching me a thing or two soon!
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