Saturday, June 18, 2011

BodyComp Personal Training Gym


We all love Fridays don't we? At least those of us who work a regular Monday to Friday 9 to 5 job do! I love Fridays even more, you see I get off work at 11:30 am just to train with Roy.
I really enjoy the brutal sheer effort that is required of my training on these days. I am working on my legs, I have always struggled with them, they are lean and nice looking, I want them big and muscular.
At one time I used to train with an IFBB Figure pro - one who has graced the stages of the Olympia- she used to say "If I had your legs and my upper body, I would win every time!". Well, I wouldn't agree but the point is, they are nice enough for most people, but not for me!
So what does a typical Friday consist of? I get up at my usual 4:00 am and go to Courtside, I stretch and do 20 minutes of cardio on the stairmill then stretch some more. Easy stuff but necessary.
Work for 4 hours then off for the weekend!
12 noon I meet Roy, the owner of BodyComp Personal Training Gym and I will start my warm up. Below you will see me flipping a 500 pound tire, I suppose it is from an earth moving machine - it's huge!

Notice I said "warm up" ? Yes this is supposed to jack up my central nervous system and get it primed for the squats to follow.

I believe the whole thing started with Isaac (the other trainer there), mentioning that the tire weighed 500 pounds. I said "what tire?" and he responded "that tire". I was confused and I asked again "what tire are you talking about?" and he looks at me like I am a raving lunatic and says "Kristy! Do you see any other tires besides the one that is as big as you sitting right there in the corner?"

No, I guess not. I told him it couldn't be 500 pounds, I have flipped it a few times. A wide grin slowly spread across his face and he said to Roy "I think it's time for the tire!"

There will be 5 very short videos following and you will need to navigate directly to the blog to view them.

I rest 10 seconds when I get to the door, then go back the other way to the gym.

That was one set. I rest 30 seconds then do it all over again, for three sets total. These videos were on my last set- I am pretty "warmed up" by now!

And, I am sure there must be some hot woman out there that can make it look graceful, but the thing is HEAVY and it's not as easy as it looks after several flips. 

Notice the tire is going right in between my red BMW, Lisa's gold Jaguar and almost hits the red Ducati! I guess they trust me.

Now I will do several sets of squats, heels elevated on a foam wedge, as low as I can go. Honestly, I wouldn't do as many sets as Roy has me do if I were training on my own, it's easy to give up when you feel fatigued. 

I cannot remember how many of these I did, but it was many, many sets. 

Next we went on to lunges. I have done lunges all my life, but Roy is pretty particular about the way they should be performed. Slowly, back straight, use the glutes. It's easy to do them with huge weights in your hands when you don't do them correctly, a lot harder when you do them right. 

And of course there was not just one set, but many of them back and forth, back and forth.

I love Fridays, I love this kind of training, it makes me feel strong and alive. Not to mention the aches the following couple days.

Too many women shy away from big explosive exercises, or whole body movements. These are what make you strong, muscular and lean. Isolation exercises have their time and place, but they shouldn't be the core of your training at all. 

Every Friday I walk out of here, having spent only an hour or so and I feel like I am in a cloud, like I am on drugs. I absolutely love it! 

You can bottle some of this drug for yourself by contacting Roy at BodyComp Personal Training Gym, just don't even think about Fridays at noon though, that's my time!