Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Things are getting dialed in, it's taken a while after my injury, but I finally see results in my body and feel like I am on track again. My muscles are full, round and healthy looking yet my bodyfat is low.  Perfect!

My weight is up a couple pounds yet my pants are fitting the way they should when I am training and growing properly- the waist is big and loose and the thighs and butt are tight. 

And the great thing is I haven't even been dieting!

Now please don't get me wrong and don't get discouraged. I weigh my food year round, I eat healthy year round but since my injury I haven't been dieting like I am trying to lose weight. I had a cheeseburger Thursday night, I had a couple glasses sparkling wine and pork chop and half a baked potato Friday.

My body is utilizing the calories and nutrients well.

This picture was taken Saturday morning after my back and bicep workout- I had to cut it short due to a lacrosse tournament.  Friday I trained with Roy.

Friday was front squats, heavy on a wedge so my heels were elevated, close foot stance. Lunges and some really nasty planks. 

He joked that to keep my mind off the planks he would annoy me. He is a very soft spoken guy- so it wasn't a Richard Simmons type of annoyance, it was telling me to reposition constantly, hips to the right slightly, squeeze the glutes, one arm up, other leg up. My entire body was shaking like a leaf in the wind, sweat was dripping into my eyes.

Planks from hell.

He is very good at that- I had deadlifts from hell now planks from hell.

I love hell!
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