Friday, June 24, 2011

Comments on my Physique

I write all the time about comments  others make about me and my look. I recently decided to keep a mental note of comments. Please don't get me wrong, I love it! I just don't understand what all the fuss is about though. To me, I look fit but normal. it seems though, by all the comments that I seem to generate, I appear to others far from "normal".


"You are a VERY strong woman!" (said by the wine maker pouring wine into my glass at a tasting in the Santa Cruz Mountains.)


"Mom, you scare me! Every time I look at your arms I get frightened."  (My son's plastic surgeon as he is examining his finger in his office.)


"Do you lift weights?" (Grocery clerk asks as she bags my purchase).


"Are you a bodybuilder? You look great and work so hard! You look very feminine though......"(conversation with me and two women takes place at the coffee counter at the club at about 5:45 am, I am leaving, they are arriving.)

"When you eat that are there any carbs in there or just protein and vegetables?" (asked by co-worker who followed me into my office from kitchen after I heated my lunch at 10:00 am. I have to eat early to lift heavy at noon with Roy.)

"Great butt!!!!" (shouted out a car window from a woman leaving the high school parking lot across the street from my house, as I got out of my car in front of my house. I think she was a student.)


"Hey! Last time I saw you, you were getting ready for a competition!" (Guy shouting across lobby of gym to me at 6:00 am in the morning. I have been there everyday, where has he been?)

"You look like you spend an awful lot of time in the gym!" (man hosting a party I am attending). 


Random guy "You come in here everyday don't you?" 
Kristy - "yes" 
Random guy "How long are you here?" 
Kristy- "one hour on weekdays, and two hours on weekends"
(Guy I have never noticed before who walks up to me as I am sitting in the cafe having coffee, watching a tennis game after my Sunday shoulder workout.)

"Oh my god look at those arms!" (Girlfriend I haven't seen in a few weeks)

I get comments constantly, and I think it's odd because if you stand me up next to other Figure competitors, we all look like this! I guess the real novelty is you rarely see us walking around in public, at least I don't see many other women like me, even at my gym.  

It's unfortunate that the fit bodies are the minority, and the overweight or unfit are the norm, wouldn't it be better if it were the other way around?

It is a rare occasion that I will see a women that appears to be a competitor, or at least looks the part. I think that may be because there aren't that many of us really, and then so many allow themselves to get fat in the off season. But what I realize as I write this, when I see another really muscular, fit woman, I want to walk up and ask her about her smoking hot bod too! ha ha ha
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