Wednesday, June 29, 2011

German Volume Training Day 2

I did it! Tuesday was to be German Volume Training- Front Squats on my own. 

I recently talked about my session on Friday with Roy at BodyComp Personal Training Gym, Tuesday I was supposed to repeat the session, with increased weight, on my own.

In the picture above I have just finished, I look pretty slammed, the veins are popping out of my arms!

Above is my favorite rack or "cage" - call it what you will, it is the one I like, old, rickety, but has good safety bars and I like the way I fit in it.

I warmed up, leg stretching, my hams and quads are very, very tight. Then took a look at the clock, if I time this right, it will take about 50 minutes. That means I will not perform the exercises too quickly, as most weight trainers do, and I won't rest too long.

My training log and stopwatch. You can see the hash marks for the sets, I would lose count if I tried to keep it in my head, my body will be exhausted before I reach the goal.

I was to do 10 sets of 10 reps, at a tempo of 4-1 which means lower (eccentric) at the count of 4, and then raise (concentric) up as fast as possible (count of 1), no rest in between reps. I will rest 90 seconds in between sets.

Roy alluded to the fact that Friday we will be cutting the rest down, to 60 seconds I think, and increasing weight a little more. Bring it on I say.

As low as I can go (yes, that means ass to ground) and knees out forward, I tend to forget that part, Roy keep reminding me.

I was dripping in sweat, talking to myself, grunting, shaking my head. As I would reach the bottom I would think about my glutes and quads and chant over and over 'power, power, power, power" till I shot back up.

You do know that is 100 FRONT squats right?

I then did 4 sets of 10 Good Mornings at 85 pounds. Sat on my little stool, looked up at the clock and it had been:

50 minutes.

I am pretty pleased with myself, I just killed that one!

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