Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Can't Keep me Down

I went to the gym Monday and walked!  I called the doctor on Friday and asked if it would be OK, or I would go nuts. The answer was "as long as you aren't taking pain killers, walk away"

I spent a few days eating and drinking, I am amazed at how my muscles soak up and hold onto the glycogen! I look good, although the belly is a bit soft, something a bikini gal would like I am sure, but me? I like to be be hard, lean and lithe with round full muscle bellies showing.

I told David that I looked bloated and he agreed and he asked if maybe I had internal bleeding (guess I look kinda big huh?) but I assured him I didn't, it must be swelling...

Over the weekend I thought about what friends have told me, and I realize they are all correct. Things happen for a reason, and someone reminded me of running.

So many people have offered encouragement and pushed me to continue, I am amazed at how much faith they have in my abilities.

Before I started weight training, I was a runner. I am a Marathoner. You see, once a marathoner, always a marathoner- did you know they say that? You can never take that accomplishment away from anyone. Running 26.2 miles, without ever stopping is an amazing feat, and I have done it. 4 hours, 1 minute, 7 seconds. My goal was 4 hours and at the age of 40, I think that was pretty darn good.

I stopped running due to injuries, doctors orders. Plus I couldn't walk without pain and that was a bit of a drag. I think I went through a bit of depression and then I started weight training, but it took quite some time before I fell in love with it.

Then the passion never waned. I love what it does to my body, to my mind, to my heart. I love the atmosphere of a gym, almost any gym, the darker and dirtier the better!

So I have many things to explore now, and they are all in the gym, I will be going in everyday as usual.

Competing? I am a competitor! Once a competitor, always a competitor.

The only difference between my current competition, and the NPC competitions that I usually participate in, is this time, I am the only competitor.

This song from Pink called 18 Wheeler is one of my favorites, the video depicts how I feel right now, beat up, angry, relentless and ready to take on anyone who dares get in my way.

You can't keep me down.

Email subscribers will need to navigate directly to the blog to view the video, please do and turn up your speakers, so you can understand exactly what I am feeling.

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