Thursday, April 14, 2011

Different Words

I weighed myself today and was totally blown away, I am at 123 pounds which means my weight is about the same. I feel softer, and my shoulders are not what they used to be, but I am guessing after a week of training they may look like they used to!

I have been walking on the stairmill for 60 minutes every morning, and I have made a new friend doing it! You know how  much I detest cardio, but you see, every cloud has a sliver lining!

I have spoken to "S" on a few other occasions, just briefly. She trains with the fellow I know, the one who is the trainer I would train with if I had one, he used to train my son and was also a trainer for the 49ers for a time. I value and respect his knowledge.

Apparently she had asked him about me a few times, and he explained how we knew each other, she likes the look of my physique and we are just about the same age.

Lately we have been talking about what we enjoy with lifting, how we each stay on track with busy careers and seem to manage our food and training quite successfully. I have the added stress of a family to juggle, she has a hectic travel schedule.

She has been very encouraging about my injury, she has experienced quite a few herself and it's just part of being a serious lifter she says, and I agree. Today she told me I stand out because there really are not many women in the gym who train seriously, that's why she noticed me.

It has been 15 days, and I have seen how my words and responses to people can affect them. Earlier as they asked me "Kristy, how's your rib feeling?" I might respond with "Oh , it is so sore when I sleep, it aches when I roll over" (which is true), but then they would get a scrunched up, pained look on their face and wish me well and walk away...Now, my response is "Better and better everyday! Soon I will be swinging weights around! ha ha" and they smile, give me a hug, talk about other things in life and generally stay engaged.

I relayed somewhat the same information in both responses, but in a different way, I used different words. It was received much differently.

Today I received this video from a competitor, Nancy Georges. It really hit home for me.

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