Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation

I receive emails from elitefts every week, I love the site. Not only do I enjoy the information, I like the funny stories and I buy equipment from them.

Every Christmas they publish an ebook and all proceeds are given to charity. This year, it was called "Empowerment, 28 Lessons for Empowering Strength in Work, Training and Life."

It was, and is, an exceptional read.

It contains stories from lifters from all walks of life and experiences, stories from their hearts that tell of triumph, defeat, struggles, victories. I cried many times, I laughed out loud a lot.

Here are a couple experts that hit home for me:

....The point to all this is that you can accomplish anything that is clearly laid out for you. The only problem is that you usually need to be the one to lay it out and few of us really do. About three in 100 people write down what they want to accomplish. I'll let you guess how many in the 100 actually accomplish it.
`Adam Driggers

...Think about what you want to do to improve the world, the gym or wherever you are. Find your team and work together to improve things around you. Sometimes the issues are as simple as how to get a bigger bench, but sometimes your team has to help you fight a near death experience. Either way, if you go it alone, you will struggle. Lean on your team, allow your team to lean on you and work together to make your dreams and goals a reality. If you want to be part of my team, email me anytime. I would be honored to be on your team.
`Todd Hamer
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