Friday, April 8, 2011

Gym Talk

I was leaving the gym cafe on Tuesday, with a cup of coffee in hand. Over walks "the doctor". You know the plastic surgeon who thinks I need to have my entire face done?

Doctor: "There you are, I have been looking all over for you, how come I haven't seen you lifting weights?'

Kristy: "I have an injury, I haven't lifted in a week."

Doctor: "What happened?"

Kristy: "I broke a rib, I can't lift for another 3 to 5 weeks."

Doctor: "Oh, what are you taking for pain, which rib and how did you do it?"

Kristy: "Vicodin, 10th left side, weight training."

Doctor: "Take plenty of fiber when you take Vicodin or you will get constipated, take benefiber, it's a great product and works wonderfully.

Kristy: "Thanks, I will keep that in mind."

Doctor: "I have decided to start deadlifting so I want you to teach me proper technique."

Kristy: (thinking WTF!!??) "I cannot lift a thing myself so we can talk about it after I rehabilitate myself."

Doctor:" OK, I will keep my eye out for you."

So, what do I ask for in  return? Besides laughs galore, there is no way I am training a 70 year old plastic surgeon!

The gym is still fun even if I can only walk!
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