Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sushi for my 50th

I went out to dinner with friends on Friday, we had an absolute blast! “R” and her husband “J” wanted to take us out to celebrate my 50th, we were looking for something fun yet (somewhat) healthy, so it was sushi all around.

We went to Mizu, I would go back!

First, a few appetizers, this was yellowtail tartare with a cilantro jalapeno-cilantro–roe topping, stupendous! I could easily have a bowl of soup and this.

We also had grilled hamachi kama, yellowtail collar grilled to perfection served with Ponzu sauce. It was good but difficult to share.

The men had beers and the women had a nice, big bottle of J Brut (sparkling wine) to wash it all down.

Next was miso soup and salad, then we ordered the sushi/ sashimi boat - this is for two people but we all shared it.

I immediately snagged one of the deep fried shrimp heads.

Yup, just the head and it’s contents, including the little black eyeballs. Suck it all out, the taste is crispy, briny, sweet, and hot, all at once. It was wonderful!

The boat was soon empty, and I almost licked my plate.

Sashimi is a fantastic diet choice; sushi can get you into a little trouble as it is easy to eat too much rice. The killers are the rolls, like the ones on our boat. They usually come with fat laden mayonnaise toppings, but it was a great treat!

Thanks "R".....see you at the gym!