Thursday, April 7, 2011

Live with a Baseball Player!

This is my son Cooper when he was just a little guy playing in little league, cute huh?

Well they grow up, and some of them grow up quite a bit if you know what I mean!

Baseball player Turk Wendell.Image via Wikipedia

We used to go to the local municipal stadium to see the San Jose Giants, the seats are all right up close and personal you can talk to the players and even participate in some fun games during half time.

But did you know that you can have a baseball player come home and actually live with you!?

Yes indeed! I am talking about the guys who start out in the minors, young players hoping to be discovered and get moved up to the majors. They are drafted to a city where they don't know anyone, they hardly get paid a thing, and they need a place to live.

They get to live at your place, you feed them and make sure they don't get homesick and then you get free baseball tickets, parking passes, they bring their other baseball buddies over and did I tell you that you get to have a baseball player live with you too?!!

I bet you could learn a lot about baseball from these fellows.

Every year the plea for host families comes out in the paper, and every year I say to my husband "Can we host a San Jose Giant here this year?" Every year he says "no!"

I could understand it wen I was only 20, 25 but now, sheesh! I am old enough to be their mother! Maybe he will let me do it next year? I will never give up asking!

Read the article here, and give them a call, they probably still need some host families!

San Jose Giants Seek Host Families
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