Friday, April 15, 2011

Steroids again....

Yes, another steroid story. If you follow baseball you have heard this, and if you don't, then you probably haven't.

I am dumbfounded by how many people take drugs. Athletes, who then sign a multi-million dollar contract, it must surely be a very difficult decision. I mean look at the Canseco brothers (identical twins). One made it big (admittedly with steroids), the other didn't. Money talks. But what about our own self respect and our health? Are we that greedy?

Who is in the limelight now?

Manny Ramirez

He was playing for the Tampa Bay Rays  up until he "retired" a few days ago, they had just signed him to a $2 million dollar, one year contract in the off season.

He failed a drug test, again.

He first failed in 2009 and had to serve a 50 game ban. Now, he was tested again during spring training and the results just came back, positive. A second positive means a 100 game ban (and that's more than half the games he should play a season.)

So Manny refused to serve it and he decided to retire instead. This means he stops the clock on any discipline, but if he ever wants to return, he needs to complete the process.

He was very successful, was it the drugs? Maybe he had to have them to continue, who knows. And to have the management express surprise is another slap in our faces, they know, they are well aware of their problem.

Another very sad disappointment and another blight on Athletes everywhere.

Shame on you, Manny being Manny.
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