Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I really don’t want to sound like a whiner; I detest weak, wimpy whiners who cannot just get on in life. I see them at work, in the stores, everywhere. Don’t misunderstand what I am saying, I don’t believe everyone is a whiner, but I do believe there are way too many of them out there, infiltrating our lives. 

What do I consider a “strong” person? One who spends the required time and energy to research and learn what they need to do to accomplish a goal, any goal.

With this in mind, I told David I was going to take a break from my blog.  I have written a blog every single day for the last 384 days! My goodness, that’s over a year now.

He said “Why? You can’t stop now!” and I said to him "I am injured, this is about training, about diet, about goals and accomplishments. It’s about being strong and mentally tough, about doing what others fail to even attempt. I am injured, what will I talk about? No one wants to hear me whine and complain!”

“Kristy, that’s exactly why you cannot stop now. People want to hear what you do when you are injured. Do you just roll over and quit? Do you stop trying? Do you let yourself down? People want to see you as a person like them, someone who struggles, who has setbacks, who has pain, illness, sorrow and loss. They cannot try to emulate someone who never has a rainy day!"

I thought about what he said and I realized he is right. This has been something that has helped me with my personal endeavors and struggles for the last year. 

Writing has helped me deal with the serious illness of my father (cancer), illness of my step father, death of my mother in law, my own illness (meningitis), a sometimes awfully stressful job, aging (I will be 50 in two days as I sit and write this), illness of friends, and war and tragedy throughout the world.

I am proud that I am extremely focused in life, I set goals and adhere to them and I am very lucky to have supportive family and friends. I march to my own drummer and carry my own food and water too (ha ha).

I took a look at my own blog; I say “Daily advice on achieving the body of your dreams. Diet, nutrition and training. How to stay sane and happy and enjoy the journey. Remember, "Life is not a dress rehearsal"

So what on earth makes me think that life is only lifting weights and dieting? It certainly is not! It can be, but would that be sane? Would that be happy? I doubt it. And what made me think everything was a bed of roses? I know it’s not, everything is how you view it, but it’s never always nice and neat, wrapped up with a pretty pink bow on top.

I forgot that some of the most glorious moments of my life are sharing food and drink with others, and not training, not dieting, not stressing. As long as it is balanced, then it is perfect.

For now, I am enjoying life as I can, as a “regular” person, cooking, eating, having drinks with friends, and going out to restaurants. Yes, my abs are soft, I am not at 5% body fat, and my once massive shoulders are looking a little less intimidating. However, I am still healthy, “strong as a Russian tractor” (as David likes to say) and buff as hell!

Here I am with "the beauties" at their house Saturday evening after my son's lacrosse game, sharing some fun on their ipad watching MY you tube channel, and drinking champagne as we celebrate my birthday, two days early!

You know, the weights are there, sitting just waiting for me. The diet? It is ready to kick into gear any moment, I just have to press the go button. 

Life? It changes, it's surprising, it's hills and valleys, thank goodness I don't have to experience it as one straight, long boring highway.