Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gym Talk

Posted by PicasaSunday morning at the gym, it was Easter so extra quiet at opening. I did my usual 60 minutes on the stairmill then walked over to talk to Alan, my shoe connection.

Alan sources products for Nike, so he travels to the store in Washington regularly and gets my shoes at his cost. Cooper and I both need some new Nike Free Runs, well, actually neither one of us needs them, we want new colors.

I asked Alan if he had heard I broke my rib, and he says in his Scottish accent:

"Brilliant!, That's a painful one, how did you manage that!?"

I explained and he told me to take Osteocam and Ostera to make the bone heal faster. Too bad I didn't talk to him about it a month ago!

I decided to throw in an extra 30 minutes on the elliptical, I did that on Saturday too, just because I know my time on these dreaded pieces of machinery are coming to a close.

If you are a person who thinks long bouts on a cardio machine is the way to a hot body, I have news for you, you are wrong! Cardio is to be used in conjunction with proper training, and no one worth their salt will tell you that cardio is proper training- it's "in addition to" training!

Look at the people who spend hours every day on those machines, especially the ones who do nothing else, they look awful!

I will describe a conversation and it is a bit odd, I am not sure how it got where it did, but it was awfully funny and made me laugh out loud.

Bob and Mike (attorney and race car/wine importer respectively) were chatting about church and I got off my elliptical and walked over to them and asked if they were going later (knowing full well they were not). We then talked about what our plans were for the day.

I told them I was going to dinner at Jerome's, it would be a late night so I wouldn't be at the gym in the morning, no way I would be able to get up at 4:00am.

Mike asked what was late? I told him we were to arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 so dinner would surely be after that, how much after is the question.

Mike replied:

"Wow, eating dinner that late, I wouldn't want to be standing next to you on the stairmill in the morning. There's no room in those shorts for farts!"

(I am thinking huh????)

Bob pipes in "Those aren't shorts she's wearing, she has on underwear!"

Mike looked at me in shock. It was true, but I have been wearing the darn things for ages and he never noticed, now they will all know. I mean, they say UNDER ARMOUR all over the waist band, are they blind? (see picture above).

The funny thing is, women ask me all the time where I got my shorts, I tell them "Under Armour mesh boy shorts underwear" my favorites. Thin, cool, low on the hips, extra short rise, perfect for me, and they come in cool colors too.

I walked back to my machine, my head was thrown back and I was holding my sides to contain my belly laugh. I could feel both of them staring at my "shorts" as I walked away.

Fun times in the gym!
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