Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Butt Glue

What do lacrosse and bodybuilding have in common? Butt Glue. Yup, at least in my world they do!

My son plays on a club lacrosse team and last Friday we attended the year end party. My husband and I were talking to one of the coaches and his wife, and the subject of my competition came up (probably because they were all eating catered Mexican and cocktails and I had water and turkey chili).

So I mentioned the problem all of us gals have making sure that out tiny suit bottoms stay put! They don’t cover much, in fact the rules say they must cover 50% of the glute area, well I tell you, their idea of “glute area” is nowhere close to my idea of “glute area” because my suit bottom in no way covers 50% of anything! Maybe the “dividing line” and that is about it.

He said his daughter was a competitive gymnast for many years and she used something called Butt Glue to hold her suit in the correct place and it worked all day long!

I somewhat dismissed it as how could a little 3 1/2 foot gymnast know more than armies of figure competitors? We have something called “bikini bite” but it doesn’t seem to hold very long, maybe 10 minutes. I am on stage for two divisions, and there is pre-judging and finals which means I am on stage four seperate times…that’s a lot of re-gluing!

I thought about it a couple days then decided to find some Butt Glue to try it out.

You would not believe the comments I got when I called stores about it! Hardly anyone knew what I was talking about and most thought it was a prank, and I was calling gymnastic schools.

I called my friend “C” whose daughter “L” was a gymnast for many, many years and she told me where to get it. I called them up, they had three bottles left! In the car I jumped and had to try it out as soon as I got home.

Here I am with my new Butt Glue holding my suit bottom just where it needs to be! I walked into the kitchen where my husband was sitting having a glass of wine with a friend, they both laughed and said it was like a floor show in Vegas, but I didn’t see any tips!

I can tell you right now that all the women backstage will be asking to use my Butt Glue…it works.

Real product name:

It Stays
Ames Walker
Support Hosiery
PO Box 1027
Asheboro, NC 27204