Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Competition

It was a very large competition, I heard there were 160 women athletes there, but I haven't see the official count yet. It was a long, long day. We started at 8:30am and I finished at approximately 10:45 pm and it was still going on, several unlimited classes of woman's Figure and all of the unlimited classes of men's bodybuilding remaining.

I placed 4th in the Masters 45 and over, there was a lot of tough competition!

I feel I was at my best, and I looked great, imagine how the others looked?

We had a lot of fun backstage, and we went through the usual stress and last minute catastrophes that always seem to happen.

My major catastrophe was receiving a text message from my make-up artist at 5:30 pm the evening prior to the show. She hadn't been feeling well she said, and couldn't make it to the hotel. She was sick.


I didn't get stressed out, I have learned that getting stressed out over things I have no control of is a waste of time and energy and causes me to lose the ability to focus on the problem at hand.

As I told the story to several women backstage, I loved how many of the offered to "make her feel really, really sick" hmmmm

I will have to find a new make up artist I guess, she was good too. I am guessing she must be having some fairly serious personal issues to cancel on me, no one has a sore throat that bad to cancel an engagement that has been scheduled for months with a long time client. Hope she works it out.

What did I end up eating?

1 little bag Doritos, a handful of milk duds, a spoonful of peanut butter, an In and Out Cheeseburger, a few salt and vinegar chips and two wonderful dark chocolate caramels with salt from Sharffen Berger.

Oh and some wonderful Champagne with my husband.

Now I am doing laundry and waiting for my husband to wake up make that Ramos Fizz