Friday, May 7, 2010

Fridays Workout (s)

I train twice on Fridays, because I meet SC in the afternoon. Every Friday I weigh myself, he checks body fat with calipers at 9 sites and we hit the weights, heavy.

I am 16 days out from the Contra Costa, my next Figure competition. I am at 122 pounds and 3.78% bodyfat. I was at 132 pounds on February 20, and probably have to drop another two pounds right in the last couple days. It will be easy, but oh so hard...16 days can feel like a lifetime.

5:00am the gym is just open and I am waiting. I can't do too much as my afternoon session will last a few hours, today it went from 2:15 to 5:00 (I think we sat around and talked for about a half hour afterward though).

5 minutes warm up on treadmill, 15% incline, moderate pace.

abs: giant set (3 or more exercises), no rest in between

crunches on an incline bench 3 x 20
hanging leg raises 3 x 15
v ups on a bench 3 x 20

knee raises on the captains chair 3 x 20

***stopped to show R some kettlebell swings, she wants to learn and has arranged lessons with a great RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified) at the gym. I am loaning her some bells for a while***

20 minutes on stairstepper, moderate pace, just to break a sweat

No time for posing today, I will do that tomorrow morning.

Off to work then I meet SC at 2:15 at his place and the real training begins!

Most of this is very difficult to explain, as they are not typical exercises or pieces of equipment most gyms have. I will try to get some pictures another time.

Step on scale, bodyfat check, in goes the mouth guard and we start. It's quads, hams and glutes and this means a great deal of soreness starting about 24 hours from now lasting a couple days.

3 sets of the "Triangle of Terror":

A flex band (one of those huge, stiff rubber bands that are about 3 feet tall) is utilized.

Get in a squat position, position the band over the back of the shoulders, then step on the band, feet as wide as possible, it will be like squating inside the band. Keeping feet as wide as possible and maintaining a straight back and low squat, walk 15 steps forward, 15 steps backward, 15 steps sideways, and 15 steps to the other side.

That is one set and it is hard! Your glutes and IT bands will be screaming.

Bulgarian split squat

3 sets (each leg) of 5 with a 5 second hold at bottom stretch, holding 15 pound dumbbells

Standing Good Mornings superset with kettlebell swings

GM: 3 sets of 10 with 95 pounds

KB Swings: 3 sets of 10 24 kilo

Reactive Glute Ham Raise superset with kettlebell swings

GHR: light band attached to bottom of GHR, hing at hip, lower down, bring band op around glutes, bring body back to upright position (band makes it very hard to do)

4 sets of 6

KB Swings: 4 sets of 10 24 kilo

Single leg double kettlebell RDL's (Romanian Deadlifts) 32 kilos superset with box jumps

RDL's: 3 sets (each leg) of 5

BJ's 3 sets of 10

Done! Time for a shake (whey protein with carbohydrates, beta-alanine, glutamine and L-Leucine; protein bar and a shower....while I do this, SC eats the half a banana bread I made for him, all in one sitting!