Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Show Time!

Today is my competition, I am feeling really good! I went through a real down period for a couple weeks, it happens when you have been working so hard, lifting, posing, weighing your food, eliminating supplements like creatine, just trying to get it all dialed in.

You stare at yourself so much wondering, did I lose too much fat? (Yes, you can be too lean for Figure as I often am). Is my stomach flat enough? Are my delts round enough? What about the sweep of my quads? Did my glutes shrink? I can go on and on.

You end up at a point where you are incapable of critiquing your own body, seriously. You do not see reality. It's like a temporary form of body dysmorphic disorder. I say temporary because this is a serious illness, and I am sure what I go though is a fleeting panic attack....

But I am now ready, I know I look as good as I can, and I will be happy with that! I have worked very hard, my family has been very supportive, my friends have encouraged and I couldn't ask for more. WAIT! yes I can!

Food...and wine. Lots of wonderful food shared with people I love and who love me. "R" sent me an email that she has champagne on ice, waiting for us to get together! If you live nearby, feel free to come on over!