Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The first three letters of DIET spell DIE

This morning is Tuesday, my competition is Saturday and I keep dropping weight. It happens every time, I am not sure if it is stress or what, I am on the same diet I have been for months, so it’s not that I have changed anything. I went from 122.4 on Thursday morning to 120.5 on Monday, then today down to 119.5. I was at 132 pounds on February 20.

As you can see from the picture here, taken immediately after my July 2009 competition, the extremely thin, low body fat look is not particularly attractive, at least not for a normal person. A competitor will be like this for a matter of hours, a day at most. If you actually think this look is something you want to achieve for "just walking around" I strongly suggest you seek counselling, extremely thin is not good for you nor is it attractive!

I don’t have to do what many competitors do, and that is to restrict carbs, my body just gets dialed into the diet and hums along losing fat like crazy, it’s “Kim’s miracle diet”. Well, not really but she is the one who taught me how to drop body fat and do it in a healthy way.

I have been eating chicken, fish, rice, vegetables, sweet potatoes, new potatoes and an occasional steak. I have not been eating dairy, fruit, pasta, bread, saturated fats, candy or junk.

I am convinced that most people just don’t adhere to the diet they are supposed to, and that is why they fail, it’s hard and not very fun to be on a restricted diet for very long, remember the first three letters of DIET spell DIE.

You cannot stay on a “diet” forever, you need to change your eating habits, and as many people like to say “It’s a lifestyle”.

A lifestyle is something that you have a choice about, it is a conscious decision. Although I am on a “diet” right now, I will be off it soon and I will revert back to my regular eating habits or my chosen “lifestyle” which is all of the same foods I eat now, with the occasional pork chop, lamp chop, dessert, cocktail, and French fries.

Expecting yourself to adhere to a monastic diet all of the time is not emotionally of physically healthy, we all need breaks and our bodies are not meant to be in such a low body fat state. You should carefully consider this when planning your diet or following the newest best seller diet book. If it’s not something you can live with, you may lose weight right away, but when you revert back to your same old habits, you will just gain it all back. Of course you will lose weight following the cabbage soup diet, who wouldn’t lose weight eating vegetable soup all the time? But can you LIVE on it forever? Maybe you can, but sounds like hell to me!

When you get this low in body fat it is a delicate balancing act to maintain the fullness in your muscles so you don’t end up looking like a bag of bones with skin, which is not attractive on anyone. So right now I get to add in a little more carbs and fats, and as long as my muscles still look full and round, I can keep that up and Friday will get to eat a couple really big meals so I maintain that fullness on Saturday.

What’s a little more fats and carbs? 2 35 calorie salt free rice cakes and 1 tablespoon of salt free peanut butter…..

After my competition I will probably gain a few pounds right away due to all the salt in the foods I will indulge in, and definitely a few percentages of body fat, then stay that way for a few weeks to just start it over again.

But it’s my chosen lifestyle and I can easily live with it.