Wednesday, May 12, 2010


There are lot's of them. Everywhere you look someone is attempting to sell you a wonder drug that is guaranteed to make you slimmer, harder, faster, bigger, less wrinkled, even a special scent you can wear to attract the opposite sex.

Before you take anything, remember that the magazines hire people who look great to model the product, if you look at the bottom of the ad, somewhere you will see the disclaimer: "this person has been remunerated for appearing in this ad".

Yup, they got paid to say it works.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true. If pharmaceutical companies actually had drugs that worked and did what they claimed, they would be charging a lot of money and they would be sold by prescription.

So think long and hard before you go wasting your money on all the "miracle" supplements you read about in the magazines.

Now when think about drugs such as anabolic steroids and growth hormone that many muscle bound enthusiasts take, you should consider that many of these drugs were designed for animals, not humans, and those that were formulated for humans were done so for an entirely different purpose.

Because anabolic steroids and the other drugs are not legal for the purposes of just packing on some muscle, there have been extremely limited studies on the short and long term effects, doctors are really not able to perform the necessary studies. In addition, people are "guessing" as to the correct dosage and length of time to take these drugs.

Don't mess with the wonderful machine called your body, would you really consider harming yourself for bigger biceps, or a tighter six-pack?

You can raise your own GH naturally with training (weight lifting), ample rest, proper nutrition and supplementation. Now the amount and type of each of these is specific and requires a great deal more discussion than this post!