Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where do you get your information about nutrition, training, health?

There is so much out in the world, newspapers, magazines, books, the Internet, and just as many opinions and "miracle diets" that it can make your head spin.

This is my side of the bed...stacks of books and e books (not any more because I had to print them to take them to bed with me), magazines, charts and pads of paper.

I don't watch T.V. I read, and I read a lot. I focus mainly on nutrition and before I buy any book I research it to ensure the author is a respected authority on their subject matter. I think that we never stop learning, and need to make an effort to continue to improve everyday.

Bodybuilding books aren't scrutinized as much because bodybuilders and weight lifters often have many variations of the same exercise, and they often have several different names for the same thing too! I first make sure that I understand the proper way to perform the exercise, then I can try the variations. I enjoy learning others techniques and methods as I am a firm believer in the adaptation rule, if you don't change it up, your body adapts quite quickly. Form is really not that difficult to follow if you know what muscle you are targeting, that is where you should "put your head", in other words, think about the muscle, put your brain right there in that muscle when you perform the exercise.

You will always engage your abs, never slouch, never swing or use momentum (unless you are performing something like a kettlebell swing). You shouldn't be laughing or talking, or looking around, you really need to concentrate on the moment.

And nothing should ever hurt. If it hurts you are doing something wrong so you should stop. There is a huge difference between "pain" and "effort". Don't say something is painful to do when you really mean it takes a lot of effort, those have completely different meanings.

I think it is important to research and read to gain a better understanding of all of the differing opinions. Although all those fitness and muscle magazines have great pictures and may be fun to read, I don't rely on them for any actual information, they are more of an entertainment to me.

I also listen to podcasts when I am doing cardio, this is a great way to learn and entertain yourself. That is how I found my nutritionist, Kim Porterfield. I listened to the podcast Beyond Diet and learned from every episode, and i still listen to it to this day.