Monday, May 3, 2010

My son

Well my son has a bad sprain. I didn't know that a sprain is torn tendons and can take quite some time to heal, often even longer than a break!

We saw the orthopedist and he said Cooper was off lacrosse for the rest of the season, so he misses the playoffs and the championships, he is very, very disappointed.

He starts physical therapy today, which will last four to six weeks, and in the meantime he is wearing this "aircast", it is much better than the fiberglass one, he can get it wet and he can use it as a support after the ankle is healed too!

We are hoping that he might still be able to play in the Memorial Day series, but that is up to the physical therapist. We do know that he will definitely be able to play in the Canadian tournament in July though.

Now I feel like a whiner complaining about my arm, which, since so many people have asked (thanks) still hurts, but certainly nothing like Cooper's ankle. I do now have an large bruise, it just reared it's ugly head yesterday,but should be gone by May 22 in time for my competition.