Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We all make mistakes

Yes, this was one of mine. I lived, no one suffered terribly, I learned never to do this again, and it was a very long time ago too.

That's all you should expect from yourself, "learn from your mistakes".

We all make mistakes, that's part of being human, of having choices. If everything was set for us, and we had no choices, we wouldn't have an opportunity to make a mistake would we?

You might make a mistake at work or at home, if so, admit it and learn from it, move on and let go.

We all make mistakes on our diet or training. Some mistakes are more easily remedied than others, some could have been prevented by being a bit more thoughtful.

I made a mistake, I dieted too long and lost too much weight, the head judge told me that my muscles weren't full enough and I didn't have my usual "pop"...he said my conditioning was off.

So I won't beat myself up, I am taking a new approach. I am going back to my 7 days a week lifting, eating a bit more calories and additional fats and getting bigger. I won't lose the weight until a couple weeks before the next competition, but I have 7 weeks, so I have time.

The other day I took my car into the dealership for service and the shuttle driver came up to tease me and say hello. I told him what the head judge said and his response was "Who was the head judge? Ray Charles?" that got a great big laugh and made me feel a lot better.

We all need to remember the goal should not be to be better than others, but to be the best we can be, as individuals.

And always learn from your mistakes.