Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Only the tuff can stick to a diet

As a joke one of my trainers told me I should write a book called "How to prep for a competition in 5 weeks". Why? Because she is always dumbfounded how I can start a diet, lose so much body fat and look fabulous in give or take a month.

I didn't give it another thought, until another client of hers asked me when my book was going to be done.

I began to think, what exactly does it take to "get ready in 5 weeks" and ready for what? We all have goals, my goals may be silly to you, but extremely important to me, and who am I to determine what "ready" may be? You may think you are "ready" while I may think you are not.

I will start by outlining what I am "getting ready for", my goals, my reasoning, what drives me, what holds me back, what makes me successful. All of the crazy things that go through my mind as I "get ready".

What sort of competition am I even talking about? Figure. That's not a command, it's a sport, a division of Bodybuilding, and this needs a bit of an explanation.

Bodybuilding is familiar to most people, it's those big men and women with huge muscles who stand on stage, pose and flex right? It's actually a lot more complicated and involved than that, but this is a fairly good description of the sport.

Women who liked to lift weights and become muscular, yet not as muscular as bodybuilders started a branch called "Fitness". In this sport, the women have to have the muscles (just not to the same degree as Bodybuilders), pose on stage in those skimpy little suits, and perform a gymnastics type of routine.

Then came along "Figure". This branch was developed for the women who liked everything the "Fitness" gals could do, but just didn't have the gymnastics or cheer-leading background, in other words, they were best at just standing around, well, looking good!

We have now added "Bikini" but that's another day.

What's the hardest part?