Saturday, April 10, 2010

My trainers

As I mentioned before, I have two trainers, each very different than the other. I will start with the trainer I have worked longest with.

Strength Coach (SC) first entered my life in October of 2007, or I guess I entered his. I was looking for an RKC, a trainer certified in kettlebells. I found SC, walked into his facility and told him I only wanted to learn kettlebells, I didn't need anything else, didn't need someone to "motivate" me, I had one thing in mind and that was it. He shook his head and said "OK".

We agreed to meet the next week to see how we worked together and as you can see, he is still training me. He taught me all about kettlebells, swings, snatches, cleans, get-ups, presses, you name it, he taught me.

I ended up buying my own because the club I belong to didn't have any, but they have a lot of tennis courts (too bad I don't play). I had to keep my own bells at the club and they finally ended up getting two sets, I now keep mine at work where I use them to train other people.

SC has gone on to teach me quite a bit, he is the one who taught me to deadlift (over 200 pounds) and squat, and do lot's and lot's of pull ups. I even get to push the Prowler around when it's blazing hot outside as he sits and watches, with a sadistic grin on his face.

SC has taught me to read real books about weight training, text books that have actual scientific data in them. SC is very knowledgeable yet loves to try new techniques yet admits to me when he wants me to be his guinea pig, he knows I am willing to try anything, at least once.

SC is young, not yet 30, buff and extremely good looking, he makes training something to look forward to. I mean what woman wouldn't be willing to squat 200 pounds with SC spotting her? Sometimes that room has so much testosterone in it, I wonder if I smell different when I walk out.

I have a lot of fun with SC, I feel strong, young, invincible, that is until a few days later when it's painful to walk.

Figure Pro (FP) entered my life in March of 2009, oh I guess just like SC, I entered hers. It was time to take it up a notch, I needed a goal, I needed something to strive for, I needed the brass ring. I had been training with SC, I was getting big and buff. I had recently started working with my nutritionist and the bodyfat was low, 8%. I searched for a pro to teach me how to compete in Figure.

I emailed her and she called right away, we chatted and I arranged to meet her at her facility a few days later. On the phone I had told her I was at 8% bodyfat, and unknown to me at the time, she thought to herself "I am sure she WISHES she was at 8% bodyfat" and she brought her device to check me when we met, as soon as she saw me she stashed it in her bag, there was no need for that machine, I was telling the truth.

FP has an electrifying, magnetic personality, she is quite alluring. She too is not yet 30, obviously physically stunning, you have seen her in magazines, the Arnold, the Olympia, she get's paid to do this!

FP takes the raw product that SC creates, then molds it to achieve the look that judges want on stage. I can walk into her gym and FP will take one look at me and ask "What did you eat yesterday, you are up a pound", and lo and behold, I step on a scale, and she is right!

FP pushed me hard to compete - I had it all planned out, I would train with her for 5 months then compete in July, she had other things on her mind, she had me on stage in May, and I won 2nd place.

I have fun with FP, she laughs and seems to know exactly what my body will look like in the next few days, she delights in the days when she tells me I NEED to go eat a burger because I am too stringy and I cannot drive home fast enough to do just that.