Sunday, April 25, 2010


We will all be injured at some point in our lives, and for athletes it can be particularly difficult. Last year I injured my shoulder and my physician told me that there was a possibility that I could never lift weights again.

The thoughts that went through my mind were not making any sense, how could it happen to me?! I followed all of his instructions though, not lifting for several weeks, then started range of motion exercises, and eventually back to where I was.

He is still amazed, looking at my x-rays he doesn't understand how I can be pain free.

My son plays lacrosse and hopes to play in college, he injured his ankle yesterday at a game, and tore some ligaments. He is devastated, the playoffs are in three weeks and it is highly likely he will still be unable to play. He has an indoor series on Memorial Day weekend, and is on a traveling team to Canada this summer, both of which are now hanging in mid air as we will need to wait to hear what the orthopedist says.

Injuries stink.