Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We all have abs, but few of us have abs we are proud of. All of us, myself included seem to want the infamous "six pack", well men do, I know many women who only want "flat" abs, but I want those bumpy, lumpy, muscles that I see on some men, and it is a very difficult look to achieve.

This is me, the night before my last competition when I have already been spray tanned. I have worked for months, dieting, exercising, mentally preparing and still, I am not happy with this, but I should be because they look pretty darn good.

It's hard, really hard to get a six pack, in fact, the only way that you really can is by eliminating all of the excess fat you carry.

Your abs are there, they are probably just covered with a layer of fat (sorry, but that's the truth).

It is like the saying in real estate "location, location, location"; however for abs the saying is "genetics, genetics, genetics", you either have the right ones or you don't.

FP tells me to do lot's of ab exercises, SC tells me I can do them all day long and it won't make a difference if I have body fat covering them, so I choose to follow both of their advise, I lose the body fat and do all the ab exercises, it certainly cannot hurt if I have the time right? I do agree though, you have to lose the body fat.

Let's see how my abs look in 4 weeks, I will take another picture the night before my competition and post it, maybe I will post them side by side to compare, I think they look better this time around!