Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Morning Hams

It’s Monday morning, alarm goes off at 3:45am, and I have to meet FP at her gym at 4:30am. I love to train early, driving the few miles to her place with the top down on the car is invigorating.

I train at three different facilities, one when I am with FP, one when I am with SC and my gym when I train alone.

Today is hammies (hamstrings); I have to bring them up because my glutes are so prominent. From the side you want to see a nice bulge at the mid hamstring the “belly” or “bicep” needs to be full and round. The last thing you want is a great set of glutes popping out there and a straight drop down without any curve.

Today is high sets and high reps:

prone leg curls
Kneeling leg curls
One leg squats on the smith

FP said I looked good after my cheat day, I will have to stop in and see her Friday or Saturday, if I am still losing weight and body fat, I get another meal. My family likes these cheat meals more than me I think because I eat the same food as they do, and we all eat’s nice to be missed.