Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monday's Salad

I have to be in an all day meeting tomorrow in another office so I plan my food ahead of time, bringing things I don't need to heat or prepare. I have made salad for lunch and afternoon meals.

I combined some of yesterdays roasted vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, mushrooms, beets, with raw carrots, celery, a little romaine, cucumber and a small sprinkle of slivered almonds. Mix it all together.

In your salad/storage/serving bowl add 4 ounces of cooked, cubed chicken and 4 ounces of beans then add the salad, dress when ready to eat, just pour on dressing, snap on lid and shake like crazy.

Above is a saute pan full of chicken tenders, I think they are great in salad, I saute them in a non-stick pan in a very tiny bit of coconut oil, salt and pepper. You can use a little marinade if you are not competing, and/or in the off season. After they are cooked just through, let cool and then cube into the size pieces you like.

Weigh out the correct portion, do not guess!

You absolutely must have a starch (beans, oats, rice, quinoa, potato) with your meals along with protein and your vegetables. I will talk more about protein and starches (carbs) separately.