Thursday, April 29, 2010

SC got his groove back

SC told me that he is going to start competing again, and I think that is wonderful! He is going to do it "raw" and no that does not mean naked...(he had to explain it to me, it means without one of these really tight compression suits). He is an Olympic Lifter. I think he said he might then try Power Lifting too.

No this is not him, and I forgot to ask just WHAT he will wear...I will have to ask Friday, I mean, it's all about what you get to wear right? I am thinking that whatever he wears, it won't have rhinestones like my suit does though.

Anyway, he wants to qualify for the Nationals, he did it before and he can do it again!

It's funny, he and I do not see eye to eye on what we do. He supports me a 100%, but will look me in the eye and say "I hate bodybuilders!"... but for some reason I am not quite a "bodybuilder", so he continues to train me in the areas I tell him I need to focus on, and I am OK by him, for now that is.

I think it is because I understand there is a huge difference in training for bodybuilding or training for strength, there are differences in the hypertrophy.

Of course the only reason why I understand this is he had me read a text book, called The Science and Practice of Strength Training by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky and William J Kraemer, which I had to read two times and I think I shall read it yet again....and then he expected me to explain what I got out of it to him....

Bodybuilding is smoke and screens, it's all about looks. Just because you look like a bodybuilder with big, huge muscles does not mean you have corresponding strength.

A person training for strength will train much differently than a person training for bodybuilding. And you can be incredibly strong and not have a huge puffed out chest and arms like a bodybuilder.

I think the reason why he is accepting of what I do, is that I am truly interested in strength, and that is my main focus when not prepping for a competition. I am really, really strong! It just so happens that my muscles got really nice looking while I was training to get stronger...

I am glad he now has a goal to work towards, it makes every step of the way a step forward in the right direction. Goals add meaning and spark to your life.

I think he was lost for a while, but he looked excited when he told me about it, I could see got his groove back.