Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Glute Day (slightly off topic already)

Oh my favorite day! I train glutes for over an hour. I highly suggest that you learn the actual names of your body parts, it's much more appropriate when talking with others.

Imagine this: You are walking a bit stiffly into work and the receptionist says "What's wrong?" You say "My butt hurts"...not a very good conversation, all sorts of things are going through his head.

Now try this: "What's wrong?" You say "My glutes are killing me", sounds impressive huh? And it is probably a lot more accurate.

Glutes refers to your gluteal muscles, otherwise known as your butt. I happen to consider myself somewhat of a butt expert. I love butts. That's what everyone looks at as you walk away.

This past winter I told my Strength Coach (SC) that I wanted to get a really big butt, I needed to build up those glutes because when I diet down for a competition, everything gets smaller, so if I made sure I had a nice big butt ahead of time, it would still look good when I was ready to walk on stage again. I called it my "Bring me a butt like Beyonce for Christmas" program, and it worked.

Barbell Glute Bridge
Single Leg Thrusters
Iso Reverse Hypers
X-Band Walks
Seated Good Mornings