Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Can I drink Alcohol?

Sure, drink all you want!

Perhaps a more appropriate question is "Can I drink and have a rockin hard body?" and to that I would say, no, not really.

Seriously, I did ask my nutritionist this very same question. You see, my husband is a home winemaker (and a VERY good one at that!) We tend to go in opposite directions at times.

You need to ask yourself that tough question - What exactly is my goal and how important is it that I reach it? Alcohol is sugar plain and simple, there is nothing good for you in it, so it isn't the healthiest beverage to choose. When changing your eating habits, elimination of excess sugars and saturated fats will be something you want to seriously consider, as they will not help you make any positive changes.

Look around at the population in fast food restaurants, bars, big chain restaurants, they are not the healthiest looking group are they?

Making a change will only work if you can live with it, we all put effort into what we feel is important to us. Most things worth striving for are not easy, relationships, a challenging job, child rearing, even getting your hair right some mornings can be difficult. But we all choose to put effort into what is important to us.

If you want a lean, hard, healthy body then alcohol will not be a part of your daily life.

A trainer once told me something that I have never forgotten: "As long as you drink alcohol, you will always have a cozy around that 6 pack"

Sure have a drink occasionally, just not every day. By the way, weekends don't come occassionally, they come regularly.