Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shout out to "R"

"R" knows who she is, she is a regular at my gym, and I want to say how fantastically proud I am of her!

Up until a few months ago, "R" would stick to cardio, she is quite diligent, doesn't miss a day and always varies it using different machines, so if you gotta do cardio, she would be doing it right (you know how I feel about cardio, but that's only my opinion).

"R" hired a personal trainer, a very patient and well qualified one I might add, she has helped me a few times too. Guess what they have been doing twice a week? LIFTING!

None of this silly jumping around stuff, but real weights, cables and machines. Last week "R" decided on her own that she needed to start lifting three times a week, so she asked PT for a worksheet of exercises to tackle on her own, and she made that first scary step of venturing out into the unknown, all alone...and she lived to tell the tale!

Yesterday she sent me an email, checking in on how my arm was (thanks for checking in!), and I don't know if she realized what she was saying, but she wrote "Cardio day for me as well tomorrow. Sigh... Lifting is SO MUCH MORE FUN!"

I think "R" is on her way to a personal transformation! How exciting! You go girl!!!!