Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hard Work or Gimmicks

People are always looking for shortcuts, the easy way to do something, everything! Take a look at this magazine below- "Big Arms Fast" right. Do you really think that you can get big arms fast? No, of course not, but headlines like this sell magazines.

And this one "Drop Two Sizes" I bet this sells like hotcakes!

Now the next one I like "Look Great Naked". This seems like a reasonable thing to want, I think everyone wants to look great naked, or at least feel good about themselves when they are naked, but few do.  And the funny thing is, most people get so excited seeing naked people that they really don't care what you look like.....LOL!

But the other story "Eat, Drink & Still Shrink" doesn't seem realistic to me.

I am pointing all of this out because I want people to be realistic, don't fall for this marketing hype! None of it is true, its all designed to sell magazines, to make money.

You cannot grow big arms FAST; you cannot drop two sizes FAST, you cannot eat, drink and still SHRINK! The problem is so many people, especially women, look at these magazines and the models and they do the exercises they recommend, or follow the diets and most people get no where.

The exercises are not actually what the model does, in fact, the model makes her living as a model, she HAS to look great all the time. I know a woman who has been a model  in magazines and she told me the magazine told her what exercises to model and what to do, they never asked her what her training or workout was. 

The foods typically are not nutritionally well balanced, they are designed to make you think you are eating right and they taste good. Not many people can survive on 900 to 1000 calories a day, a few celery sticks and a smoothie do not make a great body. Or the other swing is the foods they recommend are super high in fats and starches, just not much so you starve in between meals. Most of the foods I see in these are not nutritionally sound.

You can; however, look great naked! Its all about how you feel about yourself. If you feel good, you look good!

Go ahead and read the magazines if you enjoy them, I read them when I get a pedicure, but don't take them seriously, if you do, you are only setting yourself up to fail. "Beach ready in 3 weeks" may work for someone who is already training, but for a newbie? Its not real life, give yourself a chance to succeed, hire a trainer, hire a nutritionist, read about weight training, ask a friend how they did it, but don't believe the magazines. 

And my blog "Ready in 5 Weeks"? It's about me - about how I train and diet and work all the time, year round, not just for a few weeks to get ready for something. Its about staying motivated, being realistic and surrounding yourself with positive people and experiences.

I do have a keen ability to drop to extremely  low bodyfat levels, lower than most people can get, but doing what I do doesn't mean you can also drop that low, and you shouldn't even want to. But you can learn from my experiences and my knowledge, its a lot better than a magazine, it's interactive, and it's free!

And I am a fun gal...