Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More than Weight Training

We often think all it takes is to hit the gym and train. We go and lift, but those who have been successful know there are many other factors at play here. We need adequate rest, proper nutrition, supplements and we need to care for our bodies.

By "caring for our bodies" I mean it is important to be in tune and listen to it. Some people incorporate yoga, walking, tai chi, meditation, stretching, massage. These are all excellent methods to ensure a holistic approach to a well balanced mind and body connection. 

I practiced yoga three times a week for a couple years, but the instructor, Venus, left the country. My personal connection with my trainer, or my instructor is a major factor in my success. If we don't connect, I will not succeed. I haven't done any yoga since Venus.

I love massage. I love to be alone. I love to be naked. I used to love to go to Santana Row, and to the Left Bank Restaurant. I dress in a knock out dress and high heels, I have a small overnight bag. I sit outside and people watch. I then order a Salad Lyonnaise and a glass (or two) of French Champagne. 

I then walk through down the center of the row, and end up at Burke Williams Spa and spend a few hours there. I would float in the jacuzzi, then in the cool mist room, then the steam, the dry sauna, and the finale, was a massage with Seji. 

Seji left and then used to come to my home and give me massages, we have since lost touch. It's hard to find someone to connect with, it's very personal and the relationship, or the way you perceive the relationship can make or break the experience.

Several months ago I found a new massage therapist, Rachael Hender and she is at Roman Paradigm Therapy and Massage. Life is good again.

I know that I often cut massage out of my budget, when something has to go, it always seems like it is the one thing to get cut. But this is a bad decision and I am working hard to make sure I don't cut it. 

There is no way I will cut my training with Roy, ever. I have left Courtside Club so my gym dues are hundreds of dollars less a month. But, I have a son heading off to college in August, that seems to eat up money. And I am going through protein powder like crazy- it seems to have doubled lately!

I always buy massages and facials on Groupon, Yelp, Living Social, you name it. The odd thing is, I haven't bought any since I started going to Roman Paradigm. I still have a few I haven't used, and I won't let them go to waste, but I don't think I will buy more, how can I even think I can top what I have now?

Recently one of the co-owners of Roman Paradigm, Robert Vignoli asked me to record an interview of my experiences at his business, I wanted to share that with you. I think you will enjoy seeing me (if you have never met me) and will gain a better understanding of why massage may be just the thing your training is lacking.

This was done immediately following a massage on my legs, right after I had trained with Roy, my face still had "head down and all puffed up look after a massage" and it appears I was barely able to finish dressing properly too! Gotta love it!

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  1. What a fun video! I'd go, and ask for Rachael for sure!