Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spice of Life

Life should be lived in Technicolor!
If you haven’t noticed, I wear bright clothes, and flashy clothes. I like to be noticed. Sure, I wear black sometimes, but what a boring color that is. There are entire countries where women walk around shrouded in all black, can you imagine how depressing the place must be?
Seeing bright colors brightens my day too, I think we all smile when we see something that makes our eyes pop; flowers, clothes, houses, hair!
Just like bright colors I like bright flavors; food should not be boring either!
I have written about my spices before and I wanted to share this as I just received a big order and thought you might like to see what I am enjoying, and I have a coupon code that you can use to get 30% off an order!
I just got:
Merguez sausage rub
Smoked spanish Chorizo rub
Sichimi Togarashi (Japanese  7 spice)
Asian smoked tea rub

Curry Vindaloo

Bland food is boring to me. I love the flavor of vegetables  in season, but chicken tastes like chicken year round, same with turkey, beef and fish. So I like to season them with these spices and bake, roast or grill them. Its quite economical to get them in these plastic bags, and if you use a lot, you can get a pound for $15.00 or less for most! David loves the merguez and chorizo on his meats, Cooper loves the Sichimi Togarashi for his ramen.

I put them into old jars and usually just cut the label off and tape it on unless I haven't emptied the bag yet. I suppose I could be Susie-homemaker and buy pretty jars and decorate them, but I am a far cry from Martha Stewart (except maybe when she did her stint in jail) and I am not gonna waste money on fancy jars when old jam jars work fine.

I use the chorizo and merguez on turkey, chicken and beef. The sichimi togarashi on shrimp, the vindaloo curry on fish, the Asian smoked tea on poultry, oh and there is some wild smoked black salt I like on eggs. The crunch of the large crystals is amazing. Their white truffle salt is even more sublime.

Just writing about this makes me think everyone will picture me protecting my bowl of food, and try to take it away and I bite your hand off!

So, the good folks at Whole Spice are having a sale, you can place an order and receive 30% off the entire order through June 19, 2012!! Act fast, that's only in a few days. Enter coupon code "Spice" at checkout, and there is free shipping on orders over $75.00.

Spice up your life!