Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lifting, Life and Lavender

It was Saturday morning, quad day (second of the week). I had to do front squats and walking lunges. I ask Roy what weight to do on my own when I repeat my training at Gold's Gym. 

I had a massage with Rachael on Friday, legs only. I told her to concentrate on Hams and Glutes, it was painful, at times I could tell she just had her elbow embedded in my glute, and her entire body weight resting on it, as she sank deeper and deeper. She found time to work on quads too, thank goodness. My legs were killing me when I woke up.

I did my front squats at 120#, 125#, 130# and 130#. I was aiming for 10 reps at each, but on the 130# I could only do 7. Considering that is my body weight, and these are front squats, I am ok with my lifting, not what I wanted but still not shabby.

I moved to the walking lunges with an e-z curl bar held front squat style, Roy said do 65# or 70#, I went for the 70#. I did three sets on each leg, 10 reps. I then decided to do some leg lifts and frog leg lifts, gotta get some some ab work in even if it really doesn't seem to do much.

As I did my lunges I noticed that for the first time, my legs look good. My glutes look great, my upper body no longer seems to overpower my lower body! I am big, big all over but my legs have finally caught up, it's about time! 

This little fire plug is right on target.

I am finally, finally happy with where I am. I always struggle when I finish a show, I go from super lean and ripped to normal. Normal doesn't seem good enough then. It's taken me 7 weeks to get to this "space" in my head. I suppose in the grand scheme of things that isn't much time really. 

I am at 129 pounds now, I was actually up to 131 for a while but have now held steady at 129 the last week and a half. I have changed my diet (I will write more later) and it has allowed me to maintain a fairly lean yet muscular physique. I think I night stay right where I am for a while (you know I can do that right?)

I feel good.

After I trained and had my shake, I wandered out to my front yard. We don't have a lawn like regular folk, we make wine so we have a vineyard (small but powerful, like me). In our vineyard we have Provencal lavender which I cut and place into vases in the house, they will scent the rooms for the upcoming year. Have a glance at the beautiful view.