Friday, June 15, 2012

Body Transformation

I found this picture on my computer at work, it was taken in February of 2004, 8 1/2 years ago when we were vacationing in Mexico! I feel this is significant as that is just about when I started lifting weights, and it shows how a body can transform with weight training.

Check out the hair!!!

I really started to exercise "seriously' when I turned 40, 11 years ago. That's when I decided I was too fat for my own comfort level and I wanted to run a marathon. I did, but had to stop running as I developed injuries, I have since decided running is not the way to achieve the body I want.

I turned to weights since I could no longer run, and that's when my body transformation started! I say "started" because I am not done, I will never be done perfecting my physique.

In this picture I see a much more "pear shaped" body, I am definitely not shaped like that any longer! I also see a much rounder belly, thighs with a great deal of fat on them, skinny calves and ...I have larger breasts!

Now, belly is flatter, quads are shaped much differently and solid muscle, calves are shapely...and breasts ....very small (comes with the territory!), but naturally proportionate with my bodyfat I suppose. My posture is completely different too, I look like a whole new person.

Also, I am much older, and I look much better and amazingly fitter, I look like an athlete now!

Don't let anyone or anything ever hold you back, It is never too late to start your transformation!