Thursday, June 14, 2012

How big is "big"?

I stepped on the scale on Monday morning and was surprised at my weight, I am heavier than I can remember being in several years.

I weigh 131 pounds. The most I can recall being in the last 10 years or so was 132 and that was at Christmas time when I was training with SC, and I was pretty chubby. He wanted me to get up to way!

I don't think I look too bad at 131 but it is hard to be here, and I am really interested in seeing what will happen with my diet change.

I am trying to add as much lean mass as possible, and that means heavy lifting and a surplus of calories, unless I start taking steroids or Human Growth Hormone (which ain't gonna happen), I don't really see how I could get much bigger without getting just plain fat, but I will keep trying, it's sort of an interesting experiment.

I am enjoying it in part because all I ever hear women say is how they are trying to lose weight. I think they confuse it with losing fat, because in the grand scheme of things, your weight shouldn't matter- the fat should.

Being heavy indicates a lot of muscle mass, muscle weighs more than fat. 

Ok, well not always, but I mean, really, you can just look at someone and tell if they have a lot of fat or a lot of muscle right? 

I will keep up the training and the calories, and of course a bit of cardio but not much, the reason I would be doing cardio is to increase my enegry expenditure and that is just not the goal right now.

I am excited to see how the change in my diet will affect all of this. Will I still maintain the muscle mass, and grow the way I want, while reducing the bodyfat? Only time will tell. I haven't haven't had any starches now all week, it hasn't been difficult at all.