Thursday, June 21, 2012

Turkey Chili

I have posted about this before but I think people tend to think cooking is a science and very specific, it is not. Baking, on the other hand is.

I love food in bowls, odd huh?  I was in the mood for some hot and spicy chili so I decided to make turkey chili again. I bought the ground turkey breast and then search in the fridge for the rest of the ingredients, I will use what I have!

I also love cooking, and spend hours every week making foods for the rest of the week. David is acting as the photographer today. He shouts "How about a lat spread while you stir!" LOL!


So what did I do this time? I sauteed red and white onion in olive oil (I had both onions), along with lots of chopped garlic. I then added about a pound and a half of ground turkey breast and cooked it till it was no longer pink. I then added lots of vegetables. I will not add beans to this so it is important to have vegetables as a carbohydrate. I have added lots of chopped purple cabbage, celery, carrots, fresh and pickled jalapenos, a Serrano chile.

The spice today were my new Spanish Smoked Chorizo rub, red pepper flakes, cayenne and a small amount of dried chipotle chile powder, I like it spicy! Then three 14 ounce cans of chopped tomatoes, a fresh tomato (it was about to die) and 16 ounces chicken stock.

I let it simmer away until it was the thickness I wanted and then package it up and freeze some, leave some in the fridge.

I got so excited I ate most before I took the picture, but I have topped it with fresh avocado and Greek yogurt. I then splash on Tabasco!