Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Life is a Party

It was hot, hot, hot! Saturday early evening and we were off to a retirement party, I cannot wait to have mine! How hot was it? When we drove out to go at 5:00 pm it was 102 degrees....

I enjoyed myself, and you can have fun at a party and eat and drink responsibly, it just depends on how responsible you want to be! I need to balance the "need" to eat fairly clean and the "desire" to indulge, I think there is a happy medium.

I skipped the chips and dip, no cookies (but they looked great because the heat had melted the chocolate chips), no bruscetta and tomato salsa, no pizzas (from Willow Street Pizza who catered the event, it looked good!), no cake, no cocktails, no sangria.

What did I have?

I had a couple glasses of wine and lots of water, a liter actually.  And meat, lots and lots of meat. In fact, a couple people made a few comments on the amount of meat I ate.  I ate skewer after skewer of chicken and tri tip. I lost count but I had at least 7 skewers of beef and 8 chicken! LOL!

I threw a couple raw broccoli florets on there for good measure, but it was basically a meat fest.

This is the first summer since 2008 that I have not been on a competition diet, its nice to live for a change. Very nice indeed!