Saturday, June 23, 2012

Official Beast

I remember one day years ago I was telling SC how Cooper called me a "beast" and I got offended. He had to explain that it was a good hing, he was paying me a compliment. We both had  a good laugh and I have considered myself a beast ever since.

Now it's official! the Vitamin Shoppe says so!

I got this email the other day:

***Do not reply to this e-mail. UPS and The Vitamin Shoppe - Marketing will not receive your reply.
At the request of The Vitamin Shoppe - Marketing, this notice is to confirm that the following shipment has been delivered.
Important Delivery Information

Message from The Vitamin Shoppe - Marketing:
Congratulations on winning round 2 of the Vitamin Shoppe Commit to be Fit Summer Sweepstakes. Your prize is on its way
Tracking Number:XXXXXXXXX
Shipment Detail

Ship To: 
Kristy Wilce 

We get junk like this all the time right? Well it loked legit and the tracking number actually worked! I went to the Vitamin Shoppe site to see what on earth I could have won. Turns out there was a contest and all you had to do was like them on Facebook, and you could win a whole box of supplements and gear! 

I got home from training with Roy on Monday and asked Cooper to take photos of my winning box as I opened it! I love gifts!

It was big, I was excited! 

The suspense was killing me! Cooper just stood there laughing.

I open Christmas and birthday gifts very slowly too, drives everyone crazy!

Lots of stuff in there!

I got a BEAST gym bag! can you tell I am excited?

A BEAST shaker cup! It has a supplement container that attaches to the bottom, the black part.

A TRUE ATHLETE shaker cup, pretty gold detail. And both cups are BPA free, so I will use them!

A 300 gram container of CREATURE which is creatine and a 300 gram container of BEAST MODE which is creatine and caffeine, a pre-workout drink. Great stuff that I will use, this is a great prize! 

And, as you can see I am beside myself, I got a hat and a shirt, Unfortunately it is a very, very large shirt, I guess they thought this "beast" was bigger than she actually is.

I told David I shall rip the neck and sleeves off and make a dress out if it! He said it might be a tad too short though. Did something like that ever stop me before? 


The Vitamin Shoppe is having another contest, this time the prize is $500.00 worth of goods (mine was $170.00), all you need to do is "Like" them on Facebook!

Just go to their page and click the button!